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I was a teacher for 25 years and have now stopped and am following my bliss through writing and creating beauty with my jewelry creations.

I have a BA in Enlgish Literature and a teaching degree in Secondary Education in English Literature. I have, however, spent most of my teaching career at the teriery level teaching ESL and I have an ESL certificate. I Taught for 5 1/2 years in Tokyo and 7 1/2 years in Dubai and at the University of Oregon.

I also have an MFA in Creative writing and I have a book of poetry (currently not available) called Beyond the Seventh Day and a current collection called Finding Home: Healing from Abuse.  I have a spritual journey novel in the final stages of editing.

I have been a spiritual seeker for 44+ years and mediate each day. I have committed to doing 5 acts of kindness every day. I start each day by listening to 3+ positive songs that set a frame for me to achieve amy goals for the day and to be a positive influence if possible.

I am a two times cancer survivor, have been sober for 38+ years, dealt with my husband's addictions and that he took his own life. I have been dealing with my youngest son's addcition and my eldest son's mental health issues. I am strong, curious and I remain an optimist feeling  joyous--in a state of gratitude for all the great things in life.

I have  a campaign for people to committe to a "kindness Practice"  on my Website and I have a playlist of 80+ positive songs people can use to create their own playlist.

I have had four businesses and my current business is an online jewelry store at I bless each piece with "Peace, prosperity, helath, and happiness. The aim of my company is to help customers to buy a piece of jewelry as an focus emblem to help them acheive an intention or a goal in life.


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