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Sandra Cooze

Author of the upcoming book 'Journey to your Self' - healing emotional trauma after abuse

Sandra’s story bears proof that traumatic life events can lead to one’s life purpose. At the tender age of 12 Sandra was molested and as a young woman of 22, she was raped. In between this 10 year span she faced sexual assault by another 4 men. For the past 20 years Sandra has struggled with the emotional trauma of all these events. ‘For the longest time I have felt as if I were still a 20 something year old woman, even though I am now in my 40s. The saying “you are as young as you feel” did not resonate with me. One day not too long ago I realized that when I was 22 my life had ended. I stopped living and merely existed. And then finally I understood that for the past 20 years I had been holding myself hostage.’
Today, Sandra is an advocate for overcoming emotional trauma by healing the body as a whole. As a Reiki Master and Teacher she is working with her clients to remove emotional blockages that stop them from truly letting go and healing their emotional wounds. In ‘Journey to your Self’ Sandra talks about her healing journey and shows the readers exactly how they, too, can find their way back to themselves.  She also writes a monthly article for Sibyl Magazine and hosts her own radio show ‘Journey to your Self’ on News for the Soul Radio.
Sandra often thinks back to the very moment where her healing journey had truly begun: ‘About 20 years ago, a friend of mine said: “Get a quartz crystal already!” – As if I were supposed to know what that meant!’

Sandra Cooze

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