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Wendi Rose and Samuel Haines

Simple, Effective Holistic Methods to Achieve Deeper Peace In Your Life

Our Mission

The support and services we offer will help you gain insights and make shifts that are relevant to where you are in your life right now.  Turn Confusion into Clarity, Agitation into Peace, Hurt and Anger into Forgiveness and Heartache into Love.  Making these shifts in the moments of our lives where it will make a difference most...that is what our work is all about.  What you experience after will be a breath of fresh air.

How We Work

Our expertise is in holding a safe, calming, peaceful space in which you can enter into the processes of self-discovery, forgiveness, healing and recreation.  We offer many tools to our clients that are geared toward personal growth, developing self-identity, emotional development and spiritual exploration.

Results We Can Help You Acheive

Through healing your emotional wounds and clearing belief systems that do not serve you or your situation, you will find within you a peace that is uniquely yours; that you can experience and share with others in your life.

About Wendi Rose
I am an ordained Interfaith Minister, Spiritual Counselor, Usui Reiki Master Teacher, IET Master Instructor and Inner Child Healing facilitator.

Since 1995, I have been practicing healing methods including:  massage, Reiki, IET, hypnotherapy, NLP, Inner Child facilitation and public speaking.  For 3 years, I ran Hearts In Harmony, a holistic healing center in Abington, PA, before making the decision to travel extensively.  For 2 years I worked on the road as a spiritual counselor for many clients who were at various stages of crisis in their lives.  In 2010, I resettled in the Bucks County, PA area and began to re-establish myself  as a holistic practitioner and teacher.  In 2012, I met my beloved life partner Samuel Haines with whom I now work.  We have co-created this new business together and are launching exciting new programs and workshops!

As a child, I discovered my purpose was to ‘find myself’ and to love the person I find that I am!  Over the years I have had many experiences that took me on a path of personal discovery and acceptance.…

Wendi Rose and Samuel Haines

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