I have always known that my purpose in life was to work and help others. I've always been the one to listen and give advice and try to help in any way I could.
My work started with children as a preschool and elementary school educator. As happy as I have always been to have these little angels in my life, deep inside I felt as though there is something else I am meant to do here now.

As I was going through a difficult time in my personal life and needed to feel grounded, balanced and get some guidance and direction. I was then guided to meet a friend  who also does Energy work. She introduced me to Energy Healing and Angel Guidance. That made a big difference in my life. I was able to see things so clearly and finally, find my path and it all began to make sense.

Reiki made me feel grounded and in peace with myself so much so that I decided I want to explore this more and follow my inner voice and the advice and messages I had been receiving for so long.
I registered for Reiki training with a wonderful Reiki Master whose dedication and love for Reiki Healing made my training an experience of a lifetime.
I have been so excited, happy and complete since my Reiki training. I get to practice on myself which is the best part because I get to clear and heal myself  benefiting first hand from the treatment.

My love and respect for Reiki has taken me to a higher level as a Reiki Master now. In addition to Reiki, I am an EFT/ Emotional Freedom Technique Meridian Tapping Practitioner, Palm/ Intuitive, Blogger and "Motivational speaker" on a live feed on my Facebook page.
I feel very grateful for the people in my life and my Angels that helped and guided me on this path.
My intention is to work with people who need guidance, healing and clarity towards a better and purposeful self and life.

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Samantha C-Panopoulos

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