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Samantha Cervino P.

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Be Kind whenever possible, it is always possible 🙂

Samantha Cervino is a published author, energy healer specializing in Reiki and EFT Meridian Tapping, self development coach, special needs Ed. Asst., Influencer & Wellness Universe Ambassador as well as group Moderator!

Samantha has changed and improved the lives of many as she is an accomplished leader in her field of understanding and shifting human vibrational energy and emotions through Reiki, EFT Tapping and continuous studies in self development, the human mind and achieving personal success!

With her experience and vast knowledge, Samantha’s goal is to help others learn what it takes to meet their goal and show them how to tap into their endless potential. She is a self help and well being published author and motivates through her work on social media.
As a master energy healer, Samantha is committed to the personal success of her clients and is often quoted for saying “Life is to be felt, not planned”

Here are some Testimonials from Samantha's clients:

"I've just finished some sessions of EFT with Samantha regarding a very painful experience I've went through a few months ago. She really helped me understand why I have certain feelings & how to let go of the negativity connected to them. She gave me the guidance I needed to be able to move forward and better myself." Paula Viola

"I have been doing Reiki and EFT sessions with Samantha to treat an illness and every time I go for a session I feel better and very relaxed. Samantha is a very caring and professional practitioner who cares about the wellbeing of her clients and I highly recommend her and all her services. " Onofrio Greco

"Recently I was ill, and Samantha brought me back to great health with Reiki, I recommend her as the best at what she does..." Lawrence Fisher

"I first met Samantha in October 2017 and was immediately inspired by her wonderful knowledge of self-improvement skills, and range of healing services that she offers. More recently, I had an individual reading with Samantha and she was able to highlight areas of my life that I could excel in, and move forward with. I also downloaded her beautiful Gratitude Affirmations ebook, which I love and refer to frequently. I would definitely recommend Samantha, her wisdom and wonderful healing intuition." Lisa Heeney


Samantha Cervino is the author of The Gratitude Affirmations- Live the Life You Are Meant to Live! available on Amazon, as well as her newest  book with Manor House Publishing, titled 'The Dragonfly Effect'- Finding Your Inner Strength, Clarity and Wisdom. You can purchase this wonderful self help & wellbeing book on Amazon, Indigo/ Chapters online and in stores as well as A Different Drummer Books in Burlington, ON Canada.

Samantha was also interviewed by Gary Karp from Passionate Talk Podcast regarding her chapter Awaken – My Journey to Self-Love and Self-Acceptance in the book Success Works: 20 stories of a journey to the top, as well as a second episode on The Importance of Gratitude.

She was a guest speaker on Mindalia TV/Radio for a talk on gratitude affirmations, in Spanish and she was also a guest on a live FB chat on the topic of Empowering Children.

Follow Samantha on Facebook and YouTube as she regularly shares great motivational videos and insights! Check Samantha's website for more information, services and programs offered.

Feel free to connect with Samantha here in The Chat Room as well, as she is Moderator. Click the links below and get to know this influencer Wellness Universe World Changer.



Causes and Organizations

Plan Canada- Sponsoring and empowering children

Halton Womens Centre- Peer Councillor supporting and empowering women in my community.

Samantha Cervino P.

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