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Sai Aparajitha Khanna

Stop emotional eating and live life more fully

As founder of, I help successful women like you stop emotional eating and manage stress better so you can focus on your career, family and yourself instead of fighting food all the time. Get my free guide on how to stop overeating at

Do you sneak out to McDonald’s and secretly binge eat your burger in the car just to scratch the brain itch that won’t go away?

Do you desperately want to stop overeating but end up feeling out of control because somehow your hands won’t stop reaching into the box of cookies until they’re all finished?

Do you keep eating, feel worse, eat again to feel good until it’s 1:00 a.m. and you are too full of shame and too much food?

Do you just want to stop obsessing over food and enjoy it like a normal person?

I hear you!

Hi, I’m Sai and I am an ex-Fortune 50 marketer-orthorexic-compulsive-eater turned health and wellness coach, helping other stressed-out women stop emotional, binge or compulsive eating.

I know first hand what it feels like to turn to food to cope with life, especially when it takes away time and energy to do the things we most want - like being a better mom, chasing our passions and living a more complete life.

My mission is to help you enjoy food without obsessing over it, to help you deal with stress better and to empower you with the tools and mindsets so you can chase your dreams.

Start your journey today by getting my free guide on how to stop overeating at

See you on the other side!

Sai Aparajitha Khanna

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