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Ross Barrable

Founder of Harmony Wind Harps - Celebrate the Wild and Free Music of Nature.


Ross Barrable


Musician, Acoustic Sculptor


CEO/Founder- Soundscapes International Inc.




Ross Barrable is the owner and acoustic designer for Soundscapes International Inc. located in the San Juan Mts. of southern Colorado.


Over the past 38 years he has evolved his sonic art form to develop innovative Contemporary Wind Harps, fabricated out of titanium, and other resonant metals  which adorn over 250 public and private landscape settings throughout North America and Europe.
Their visual and auditory presence have created inspiring landscape environments for residential gardens, health resorts, city parks, memorials, hospitals, retirement communities and botanical gardens.


Ross works with each individual client to achieve their vision and aspirations within their outdoor space, creating a  balanced synergy between art, science, nature and sound.


Ross Barrable

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