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Hi!  I’m Rosemary Cunningham, I live in the UK and I have run my own heart centred therapy and coaching business since 1993.

After twenty years running my own busy practice, treating thousands of clients, I now help women find their passion, connect all parts of themselves into a business that channels their life purpose.

I’ve always been a healer and began my career as a Registered Nurse.  Sadly,  I absolutely loved nursing but had issues with my hands I had to find another career very soon after qualifying in 1987.

I practiced nursing for a decade but life had something else in mind for me and kept pushing me forward.

I had a traditional business education, gaining a BA Hons in a  four year business degree.  Just after graduating I had a massive homecoming when I discovered massage.  I then began a career in complementary therapy, practicing aromatherapy, massage, reflexology and Bowen technique.

Working with clients has always been easy for me but the running a business has been a challenge.  

My healing work has always been very intuitive and heart centred but the business bit was coming from a busy, buzzy, place in my head.  This is common for many empaths, healers and HSP's.

Traditional business never seemed to fit and it wasn’t until I discovered “heart centred business” that life became easier.  When I learnt that therapy is about energy and so is marketing, things started to fall into place.

I now help women perfect marketing they learn to love, supported by like minded women in the community I have created, Winning Women Essex and International.

If you would like to do business networking with heart centred women in the UK and Europe, do book at this link.  Everyone is welcome to our monthly gatherings on Zoom.

When you don’t fit into a business model, you create your own!

I now focus on my Money, Marketing and Soul coaching practice where I help other women to market their own businesses and also to value themselves and charge properly for their services.

My specialities are

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My coaching packages start at one day and increase to 30 to 90 day packages, depending on your need and budget.

I love to work one to one with my clients, really helping women feel safe to explore what’s in the way, find their passion and purpose and lay the blocks of a business that truly lights them up.

My clients own their value and then charge what they are worth without apology.

They get totally clear on their niche and ideal clients and put in place strategy that will attract them.

Please get in touch if you would like to talk to me.   I offer a complimentary business audit or discovery call.   Book here.


Awards and Affiliations

I studied with Kendall Summerhawk in Tucson and am now working with Dee Wallace, Healer and actor, bringing brain training and spirituality together in Conscious Creation.

Causes and Organizations

I volunteer for the Mumba Children's Project.  A small charity based in Zambia.  I have travelled there twice and now collect donated medical and school equipment and organise the shipping.

Certifications and Credentials

Money Breakthrough Business Coach.   Sacred Money Archetypes.

Reflexology, Clinical Aromatherapy, Bowen Therapy, Aqua Reflexology.

Rosemary Cunningham

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