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Ronnie McCluskey

A Portal to a Healthier You:

Hydration and nutrition are fundamentally important if you are to enjoy high levels of wellbeing. At Water for Health we are passionate about natural approaches to health – particularly focused around hydration, proper body pH balance and quality nutrition.

Since we understand the benefits that hydration and nutrition can bring, we have sourced a range of products from all over the world to enhance the wellbeing of our clients. We are exclusive distributors for all our product ranges, either for the UK or for Europe, and we work only with suppliers who share our vision to promote optimal health naturally.

Important though quality products are, we like to underpin our range with a service that is personal and caring. When you call us, you are not speaking to a call centre – you are speaking with people who endeavour to be helpful, caring and knowledgeable. Although ill health is common it is not normal, and in our view not the way it needs to be. We want to encourage everyone to make informed choices that will enhance their quality of life. We hate to see people suffering pain and debility for problems which could be improved through better hydration and smarter dietary choices.

In addition to one of the foremost ranges of water-improving products in Europe, we offer an ever-increasing array of food supplements, all chosen because we see value in them. The primary focus is on dense, plant-based nutrition and we supply Vibrant Health’s range, including awar-winning products like Green Vibrance Powder and Maximum Vibrance.

What's more, we are aware of the vitally important role of healthy oils. We are happy to offer the best of the best, including fish oils from WHC who have won acclaim for their commitment to purity and sustainability. Their focus is on improving health inwardly and beauty outwardly. At Water for Health, we like the inside-out approach.

Ronnie McCluskey

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