• Roni Lipstein posted an update 4 months, 1 week ago

    It is important to maintain a consciousness that IS directed at openly welcoming, receiving, embracing, and sharing energy frequencies, [consciousness, information, affecting vibrations] that ARE uplifting, assisting, empowering, and enLightening.

    When we clear blockages, which again are derived from fears, we can also clear “protective barriers” we have ‘set up’ — again due to fears we have experienced…..but……have actually been of assistance in keeping us from experiencing further ‘traumas’ or negativities…..

    Of course this may sound a lil contradictory, for in truth, we should NOT require any “protection” when we are coming from love, through love, with love, for love, however…….there are ‘other energy vibrations’ that are not necessarily coming from love, which we may unknowingly pick up upon — ESPECIALLY as we open ourselves more whole-istically, and unfortunately, integrate into our beingness — everything from the negative mood of our spouse to the negative intentions of a “light body being”…..

    Most of we have had the experience of being in the company of another who’s in a horrible mood or an amazing mood and feeling affected by that individual either positively or negatively….

    As we open ourselves up on ever expanding levels of our multi dimensional beingness there are affects we may be more prone to that we are not even aware of — as we are growing in our consciousness — we may not have the ‘sight’ as yet to understand, see, feel, know what is affecting us, and yet feel wholly affected — whether emotionally, mentally, physically, etc….

    Soooooo, again……INTENTIONS, INTENTIONS, INTENTIONS — and of course…..intentions bathed in LOVE……

    So…for example, you can state an affirmation // blissing // intention such as:
    As I Open mySelf ever further to our authenticity as beings of love, I welcome the energy, consciousness, vibrations, harmonies of LOVE to me.

    I openly welcome, receive, embrace, and share the energetic gifts EXCLUSIVELY from LOVE’s Bliss. <3 <3 <3

    I appreciate the offering of all energy frequencies coming forth, and the opportunities for lessons available, growth possible, HOWEVER……prefer all of my opportunities to BE those bathed in LOVE's Bliss.
    [this statement would be to acknowledge lovingly energy that may not be of love…..i would not say it is necessary……you can also let the 'negative energy' shall we say, know, that if and when it has transcended into love, you are more than happy to openly receive 🙂 ]

    et c'est tout. 😉 <3 xoxox

    oh okay, one more lil p.s.

    Maintain AWARENESS and when ya experience something ya don't like — when ya feel something that is negative, CHOOSE NOT to own it……. 😉 <3 ^_^

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