• Roni Lipstein posted an update 4 months, 1 week ago

    Something to ‘keep in mind’ when intentions are to expand one’s consciousness….. [enlightenment, transcendence, ascension, conscious evolvement, etc..]

    As we OPEN our selves in ever greater manners, more whole-istically to LOVE, which we DO by clearing blockages to energy flow through our BEingness that have BEen created through FEAR………we are ALSO opening ourselves up to EVERYTHING that IS, ever was or will BE —- we are afterall ONE with ALL, n’est ce pas 😉

    Having said that, as we KNOW, there IS a whole lotta “everything” in “ALL” including ALL that we deem to be “good, bad, beayoutyfull, and ugly”…..

    Thus….it IS important to keep in mind when opening one’s self up to MAINTAIN THE INTENTION that you are opening self to receiving energy frequencies that are bathed in LOVE…….

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