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I am new to the concept of energy as it relates to the body in the area of discomfort.  I am learning how we are all energy with our own unique vibration.  After a very successful 17-year career in the health and beauty industry sI old my business and retired to play golf every day.  That lasted 3 years, you cannot retire an entrepreneur.  So I started a new business in the industry of wearable health monitoring technology industry.  This recently introduced me to "everything" is energy.  I remembered that from school but just never really thought about it.  Until recently, when I was introduced to a company that could take the vibration of any substance and place its unique vibration on a hologram that could be adhered to the body with miraculous results.  Now I am on a mission to relieve as much discomfort in as many people that I can share the message with.

Ron Cooper

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