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Roger Bains

I have been Healing from the time I have been old enough to know the meaning of the word. Growing up in Costa Rica I was the kid everyone came to for cuts, sprains, and aches of all kinds! This has lead me on a path of healing on a deep spiritual level.  I have studied herbs and their uses starting with my grandmother at the age of four.  Since that time my journey through life has molded me for the work we do here at Creating With Your Spiritual Universe (CWYSU).

I studied and earned my degree at Columbia College.  I then entered the corporate world but never felt like I belonged despite some success.  In 2012, following my spirit, I left the corporate world and decided to follow my life’s purpose – to serve humanity as a healer. Throughout the years I have studied many healing modalities with many teachers, who taught me many meditation techniques, distance and remote healing work, unique clearing techniques, Multi-Dimensional healing and more. Through my studies in the Tao  I have learned how energy moves within and throughout the body; and how to recognize blockages and impedances within.

As the earth evolves to embody the 5th dimension and above, I have tuned into the new spiritual technologies and advancements now flooding into the planet.  Humanity is now on the precipice of a new era and healers must be on the constant ready to aid in this transition. I understand the importance of this mission and founded CWYSU…

Roger Bains

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