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Robin Chellis

Bespoke Retreats that nourish and restore... a custom creation tailored for YOU.

Robin Chellis is a life designer who creates custom retreat experiences that nourish and restore the depleted woman. She is also a speaker, artist, author, creative, wife and mom. Her energy healing work and mentoring has provided powerful deep healing for thousands of clients during her 19 years in practice.

Her work activates shifts within your physical, energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies... initiating openings and creating sacred space for you to expand and heal on a soul level. With this work she is able to guide you to a new space of alignment and to deeply support your body to facilitate and clear trauma and stress, and lower the effects of daily life demands. The work is nourishing, restorative, and supportive. This is deep healing for you, your home and your business through high touch immersion experiences. This allows the work to be deeply personal and transformational.

The experience provides profound levels of peace, presence and love... allowing YOU to feel your most alive you.

Contact Robin today to enquire about a custom creation experience tailored just for you.


Robin Chellis

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