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Robin Chellis

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Energetic, Inspirational and Spiritual Tools that Awaken and Delight

Robin is an ascension artist, and an author... creating energetic, inspiration and spiritual tools that awaken and delight.

For the last 18+ years she has worked as a master healer... a Light Code Healer, Ascension Guide and a Channel of Light connecting you to your Divinity... “Your True Being”. It has been a pure joy to work with masters as a bridge holder for spiritual ascension and awakening on the planet.... supporting light workers, healers and spiritual leaders to raise their frequency, activate their divine vision and access their true being in deeper ways. Light Code Healing®, Infusions of Light and Auroric™ work supports the emergence of coming home to self and aligning with their soul frequency.

Robin is the founder and CEO of Light Code Healing Academy and Auroric Universe•ity, both which train Light Workers in Ascension teachings and the Light Code Healing® modality, for those who want to want to bring this work into their lives, and business, to help with ascension and awakening for the planet. These programs are currently being offered twice a year in the Spring and Fall. Robin is also bringing her art, meditations and writing to the forefront to support your ascension, peace and joy for life.

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Robin Chellis

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