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Robert Donald Tonelli

Published Author & Consultant in Consciousness Exploration and Spiritual Development - Evolution is an Electical experience with Conscious life.

Neurotech Research Science of Bioelectrical Wellness evolving life with Electrical Nutrition & Vibrational Medicine... showing that Human Existence is an Electrical experience with life to Live well-beyond 200 years’ disease free, Feeling Forever Young through “Consciousness Exploration & Spiritual Development”. 

Robert is the owner/researcher/consultant for Neurotech Research and has been in business researching health… nutrition and spiritual matters since 1992 and has produced 10 research reports. Neurotech Research Publishes Books on Consciousness, Evolving life & Spiritual evolution... based on the Philosophy of a Science of Spirit…. And evolved this philosophy from an ongoing investigation of over the past 25 years… from studies of longevity… neuroscience… and alchemy.

Robert Donald Tonelli is a self-made man and the Author of the internationally published book, “Science of Spirit, as an Evolution of Consciousness in an Analogical State of Mind“. Everything that exists in this world originated in consciousness and manifests through the modulation of its energy into physical mass. {Einstein... E-MC2]... A new mindset that is connecting human beings to the global evolution of consciousness responsible for the acceleration of life on this planet, today, moving to an Omega Point in Time/space.

He is a Science-minded Philosopher / Spiritual Coach with a focus on incorporating Meta-physics into is holistic philosophy of life in society… He is a designer theorizer and his talent lies in grasping the underlying principles of {life} "in something or process" and defining its essential qualities to expand Conscious life. He seeks to define precisely... and bring coherence to systems {specifically, the focus of economic life in society} based on the patterns of organization that are naturally there... {energy and consciousness} and dispelling the illussions of society [focussed soley on Money}.

  Always interested in theorizing, analyzing and learning what causes a problem, he thrives on exploring, understanding and explaining how the world works naturally… through Consciousness without medical intervention. This research into an Analogical state of mind has led him along many avenues which at first, might not…

Robert Donald Tonelli

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