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Rita Strough

I am a divine being, and so are you!

Rita Strough is a psychic intuitive communicator, spiritual channel, and spiritual teacher, and co-host of  Talk-N-Angels Radio Show which broadcasts live every Wednesday from 7pm to 8pmEST on BlogTalkRadio and every Thursday and Friday at 7am & 7pmEST on Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network.

Rita was introduced to angels through automatic writing, receiving messages like dictation. Working with the angels allowed her spiritual gifts to grow and evolve and now she is an open channel for communication with all forms of spirit energy.  Wisdom downloads as well as direct channeled messages from high-vibrating beings allow Rita to be a conduit for healing attunements, information and inspiration. In addition to hosting the radio show, Rita offers group and individual Spiritual Counseling sessions, Reiki attunements and mediumship connections.  Through her classes at Divine Being Spiritual Fitness Center located in Mt. Laurel, NJ, students learn how to recognize their own powerful divine nature so that they, too can continue the ever-unfolding process of awakening. 


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Rita Strough

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