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Personal Growth Facilitator
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The goal of Personal Growth Facilitation is to bring about powerful, desired permanent shifts and changes, and an increased sense of freedom allowing you to create the life you want.

If you are ready to live an expansive and satisfying life, allow me to guide you into mindful self-study, increasing your inner awareness of what subconsciously limits you. You can transcend the conditioning of your past and create a future that includes vibrant well-being, passion, healthy relationships and work that is aligned with your true nature.

As a Personal Growth Facilitator I use the accumulation of my prior life and work experience. This includes my work as a Certified Hakomi Therapist ( and all the in depth experience gained through directing and owning Health Choices Institute and Holistic Massage School. In the holistic bodywork field, I had the opportunity to study thousands of people closely. I gained insight in how life patterns get stored in the body and mind. As Bessel Van Der Kolk, a leading trauma expert, calls it: "The Body Keeps The Score". I bring this understanding to my work as a Personal Growth Facilitator. Personal Growth happens effectively when the underlying subconscious and unconscious patterns are brought into full awareness. I facilitate this process of becoming self-aware through guiding the individual into mindfulness to enable the observing capacity that can then study all that belongs to an underlying pattern, like body sensations, feelings, thoughts, memories and particular ways of muscle tensions. When these unconscious patterns are able to rise into awareness they loose the power of 'running' us.

Personal Growth Facilitation differs from Life Coaching. Change only happens permanently when subconscious patterns a resolved and deactivated. Then real choice becomes available, choices that are not automatically determined by your past.

Renate has been assisting people to live healthy and empowered lives since she graduated from a Holistic Health School in Germany in 1069. After…

Renate Novak

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