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Rebekah Reineke

Traumatologist, Coach, Religious and Cult Trauma Specialist, Buddhist Recovery World Leader, Thought Leader, Activist

I have volunteered for years in the area of Buddhist Recovery, working with Worldwide Insight, Eight Step Recovery, Refuge Recovery, Northwest Buddhist Recovery and other organizations. I work as a Parenting Coach and Religious and Cult Trauma Specialist for Building Connected Communities, and am so excited to be a part of WU! I also know much about grief and loss, palliative care, hospice and end-of-life care, not just for humans, but also for pets. I have had a number of near death experiences which has led me to be incredibly intuitive. I have facilitated the creation of many different types of support groups throughout the world. I also do Network Marketing for Isagenix, as well as CBD products for wellness through I am a certified Early Intervention Field Traumatologist and Community Trauma Resources Advocate completing my continuing education to become a Clinic Traumatologist. I am an activist in many areas including that of civil rights, LGBTQI+ community support, and believe in providing support for the Veteran community. I believe in equality, justice, and the removal of judgment within healthcare. I was raised in the cult of Jehovah's Witnesses and am currently working on a memoir about my life. I have taken on human and drug trafficking as a victim of sex trafficking myself.

Awards and Affiliations

Future Business Leaders of America award winner for public speaking and document publishing.

Started Washington's correction system's first meditation and addiction recovery meeting.

Member of the Washington Recovery Alliance.

Credited in the MTV documentary on opioid addiction with Macklemore and President Obama.

CEUs through Ivory Gardens Trauma Conference

Computer programming…

Causes and Organizations

Eight Step Recovery

Worldwide Insight

Washington Recovery Alliance

Building Connected Communities

Rebekah Reineke

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