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Rebekah Gamble is a holistic practitioner and the CEO of Embody Healing, LLC. They have a private office in Pittsburgh, PA where they offer more than sixty health, healing and medical modalities clients can combine into a personal program. Rebekah is also an author and the founder of The Talking Stick Diaries and The Talking Stick Therapies. Their sixth book is due for release Winter 2016. Rebekah has been blessed to teach in seven countries and most states through retreat programs designed specifically for the host community's needs. They are also a full time clergy person and initiated member of both SCW and the Irish Order of the Knight's Templar. Rebekah was born medically intersex and experiences life through the lens of the consciousnesses of both twins that became one body, therefore a large portion of their work involves supporting people who are third sex or third gender. They also have a strong focus on herbal medicine, shamanism, and hermeticism.

Rebekah Gamble

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