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Rachel Raba

Empowering You to Create a Healthier Life

Hi! I’m an aromatherapist and natural health educator who teaches people what essential oils are and how to use them safely and effectively for the full spectrum of health and wellness needs (for example, getting better sleep, decreasing pain, improving digestion or respiratory function, increasing energy, or better managing stress).

I do this in both individual (let’s grab coffee and chat!) and workshop settings (it’s fun to learn together!). I help each person figure out which essential oils are best for them and their families to start with, depending on what’s going on in their health and life. Once they have high quality essential oils in their homes, I help them become confident using these powerful tools in their daily routine.

My exclusive Facebook community, Empowered to Uplevel, helps on-the-go women remove toxins from their personal environment (cleaning products, personal care products, medicine cabinet, and air) and support their bodies using the tools nature abundantly provides. Together, we are upleveling our wellness in 10-minute micro-transformations that are easy to accomplish and integrate into already full lives. The community offers inspiration and encouragement, live trainings, and a vibrant sisterhood of EMPOWERED UPLEVELERS who are transforming our environments and creating healthier lives. Join us!

I offer one-on-one coaching that helps my clients learn how to decrease their toxic load and support their health by swapping toxic cleaning and personal care products for natural versions (purchased or DIY) that will improve their well-being. I love teaching people to make their own beautiful, nourishing products! Individualized coaching helps people quickly bridge the gap between knowing they should make changes and actually integrating the desired changes into their lives in a sustainable way. It provides a structure for both immediate victories AND long-term success. All the details about Healthy Body, Healthy Home coaching are at

In addition to my natural health work, I am a career diplomat with 15 years of experience conducting research, providing training, and advocating with foreign governments on the issues of human trafficking and child labor.

Rachel Raba

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