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Rachelle Richard

Finding your power in every moment.

Rachelle Richard is a Speaker, Author, Intuitive Empath, Energy Guide, Goddess Tribe Leader and Self Love Empowerment Coach. In her power reclamation journey, she has learned with extreme clarity that life is not happening to us, rather it is happening for us from us.


Through a journey of discovering the clarity of her soul purpose, she has endured and overcome trauma, abuse, assault, drug addition, prostitution, being arrested, anxiety, depression, bipolar misdiagnosis and parental toxicity. It has been an intense firsthand human experience for her to shift from the chaos of destructive self-loathing and defeat to the calming clarity and presence of empowered self-love.


“I am here to save the world” was the phrase a platinum blonde haired little girl would declare. It is abundantly clear decades later that Rachelle Richard has known her entire life she was here for a powerful love-focused earth mission. Little did she know then that in order to save the world, it would require learning first how to save, and love, her own Self.

“It is not a choice to become a victim; it is a choice to stay one.” – Rachelle Richard

Our power is has always been.


Tune in to her newly launching show on the Awake TV Network in just a few more weeks!! Empowerment Experiences with Rachelle will guide you through finding your power in every moment. Focused on all things self-love empowerment that can support us all along our journeys of awakening to our power within, viewers will be presented with tools, resources and unlimited guidance to navigate the chaos of this world both inside and outside ourselves so we all can be creating a more loving, abundant and empowered society.

Rachelle Richard

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