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Pia Tohveri PhD

Creative Healing and Meditation Practitioner

I am a creative healing and meditation practitioner and I am passionate about connecting people to their heart-space and creativity through meditation and energy healing.

I was born and raised in northern Sweden and lived for several years in London, where I trained as an anthropologist. I received my PhD from UCL, London, for which I apprenticed as a weaver with Guatemalan Maya women and researched how colour, pattern and material culture shape women’s identity. This deepened my knowledge of how creativity is connected to personhood and how material objects incite the development of social networks.

During my PhD studies I was studying different healing modalities world-wide and I decided to learn more about energy healing. I am a certified Healing Meditation Practitioner, Reiki Master/Teacher, Crystal & Energy Healer and Soul Coaching®Oracle Card Reader. I am currently an Astrologer in training.

I discovered the healing benefits of meditation when I was attuned to Reiki in 2006. Meditating with the Reiki symbols allowed me to deeply relax, heal and to stay balanced, grounded and safe. I also started sleeping better than I had in years. I continued to study the healing properties of crystals and explored the different ways that crystals can inform and heal our body, mind and soul.  Through energy healing and meditation I have restored the connection to my heart’s universal wisdom and expanded my creative vision.

I love to share my inspiration of the healing process through art and words. I believe that the connectivity of healing and creativity is highly transformational, activating the receptivity of important inner guidance that enables us to expand. By taking practical steps in creating that which we harbour inside us, through a modality which we feel called to, we allow empowerment and continuous evolvement in our journey.

Pia Tohveri PhD

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