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Experience the Art of the UNDOING

In my work, I potentiate your body’s own innate intelligence to heal, transform, and spiritually transfigure by unraveling, shifting and releasing the negative, misaligned, or unconducive influences within your life. This is what the Elohim calls the “Art of the UNDOING” using encoded energy, frequency, resonance and vibration as the catalyst for evolutionary and revolutionary change, so you can move forward in alignment with your true path and purpose.

Welcome! I’m Phyllis Anne, and I am a direct conduit for the consciousness of the Elohim, serving as a catalyst committed to provoking deep, and significant change within others. I am also an expert level, Myofascial Release Therapist (MFR – Expert Level), using my extrasensory gifts to elevate my offering of this extraordinary work.

Simply stated. . . Are you ready to shift?

“It is your unequivocal birthright to fully embody the luminance that resides within you. As unique individuations of the Divine, your inner light is an irrevocable gift that resides within you. . . But it is a gift you must learn to connect with and use to its full potential.” ~ The Elohim

I work directly with the consciousness of the Elohim, as an embodied and vocal instrument, using the creative and vibrational force of expression they define as the Language of God’s Light. My vision is then attuned to the fundamental elements that make up everything in the Universe, thus allowing me to see through a lens of connectivity into the true essence of your Being.

All aspects of who you are physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and energetically, emanates a beautiful symphony of frequency, resonance and vibration. The Elohim scans for influential dissonance, tonal distortions, and frequency fluctuations, that signify disharmony and misalignment with your true nature, purpose, and divine blueprint. We then shift, upgrade, and attune all aspects of who you are on a multidimensional level, into alignment with your own innate abilities to heal, transform, and spiritually transfigure. We create a doorway or access point to higher states of consciousness, perception, awareness, dedication, and commitment to the evolutionary journey of Self.

As you are attuned in resonance to the higher frequencies, your life trajectory can be shifted towards new and limitless possibilities!

This is what my work created for me. This is what my work will begin creating for YOU. And this is what you can then carry out into the world.

Certifications and Credentials

CAMTC ID# 56843 - Massage Licensing

AMTA - Massage Therapy Organization

Les Brown Power Voice Certification Program

Advanced Master Sound Therapist Training (9-Ways Academia)

Xicoco Shamanic Arts - Toltec Woman of Knowledge & Master Healer

Aka Dua Level 5, High Adept

Phyllis Douglass

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