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The key thing that I have taken away from my life experiences thus far, is that being 'uncomfortable' is the seed for physical and emotional healing, personal growth and evolution!​​​We each have an energetic blueprint where we collect experiences, beliefs and memories that are stored within our DNA, our cellular structures, our connective tissue - the fascia, and our field of energy. This blue print holds the patterns and limitations we face when we seek to heal, expand, or create a new way of living and being that is free of limitations.​It begins with the body and the breath.​I'll teach you how to align with YOUR true and authentic path, and reconnect to your innate healing potential by creating SPACE, and the ability to MOVE freely through all areas of your life!I have the ability to FEEL, LISTEN and HEAR what your body is saying through the way that it moves, the rise and fall of the breath, the lines of tension and strain, the flow of energy, and witnessing of the compensatory actions that your body has taken to enable you to continue functioning on a daily basis.Your body reflects back exactly what is going on and shares the wisdom to take the appropriate corrective actions. This innate wisdom and ability to heal oneself resides within each of us.That’s why my clients call me “The Body Whisperer”. It fits with how I do what I do. 

Phyllis Douglass

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