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Specializing in untying the knots that bind through the intelligence of the Body, power of the Mind, and wisdom of the Spirit!

I serve as a catalyst for life transformation, and facilitate the healing experience most needed for you to move forward with a deeper sense of homeostasis, clarity, purpose and wellbeing!

  • Are you experiencing limitations in any area of your life?

  • Physical pain, restriction or limited range of motion?

  • Feeling stuck or wondering what's next?

  • Looking for deeper insight into your spiritual path and purpose?

I am a John F. Barnes Myofascial Release Therapist - Expert Level, Advanced Manual Therapist, Intuitive Energy Healer, Sound Therapist, Spiritual Mentor and Yoga Teacher.

Sometimes we are our own worst enemy; and prone to distractions that below the surface, are really more about self-sabotage. We become stuck being the person others wish us to be or doing things we don't enjoy doing, because it's more comfortable than our fear of the unknown. The key thing that I have taken away from my life experiences thus far, is that being 'uncomfortable' is the seed for physical and emotional healing, personal growth and evolution.

We each have an energetic blueprint where we collect experiences, beliefs and memories that are stored within our DNA and cellular structures, effecting our nervous system and flow of energy, emotional stability, and often manifests in the form of chronic patterns of tension in our connective tissue (fascia) that may lead to symptomatic pain and inflammation, tightness, inhibited movement, or reduced mobility.

This blueprint holds the patterns and resistance we face when we seek to heal, expand, or create a new way of living and being that is free of limitations.

Realign with your authentic self, and reconnect to your innate healing potential and ability to move fluidly through all areas of your life!

Please connect to schedule a session, and to book a speaking engagement, or Sound Alchemy performances @


Certifications and Credentials

CAMTC ID# 56843 - Massage Licensing

AMTA - Massage Therapy Organization

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