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Besides being an Author, a catalyst for Healing, a Speaker, and a Musician. . . I am a Visionary.

In my practice, I offer individualized therapeutic bodywork, and spiritually oriented healing modalities that MOVE the body and the mind to help YOU become a frequency match to your innermost desires, create flow within all aspects of your life, and to fully express the personal gifts you came into this world to share.

Working with powerful and proven tools for clearing, release and manifestation, I assist and guide my clients forward towards a more fulfilled, healthier and purposeful life!

  • Are you experiencing limitations in any area of your life?

  • Physical pain, restriction or limited range of motion?

  • Excess tension, stress and anxiety in the body and mind?

  • Feeling stuck or wondering what's next?

  • Looking for deeper insight into your true path and purpose?

​Sometimes we are our own worst enemy; and prone to distractions that below the surface, are really more about self-sabotage. We become stuck being the person others wish us to be or doing things we don't enjoy doing, because it's more comfortable than our fear of the unknown. The pathway to the future we desire becomes fraught with perceived limitations based on old beliefs, patterns, and relationships which creates resistance to our natural and abundant flow.

The key thing that I have taken away from my life experiences thus far, is that being 'uncomfortable' is the seed for physical and emotional healing, personal growth and evolution. And I am here to help you water that seed, and blossom from within the confines of that 'too little pot' that has kept you locked onto a path that feels like it belongs to someone else.

Realign with your authentic self, and reconnect to your innate healing potential and ability to move fluidly through all areas of your life!

Certifications and Credentials

CAMTC ID# 56843 - Massage Licensing

AMTA - Massage Therapy Organization

Les Brown Power Voice Certification

Phyllis Douglass

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