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Peter Kelly

Rev. Peter Desmond Kelly, M.Ed., BA, CHT.

Before I learned how to fly, I was confined to earthbound ideology and traditions. As a child I would often lie down on the grass at night and look up at the stars and wonder what was out there, and I remember having a recurring dream of being in an empty room with my body sitting in an old wooden dark chair, but being able to float above my body and observe myself from above. I've also had frequent dreams of flying totally effortlessly like an eagle soaring through the sky very high.But other than that, I was pretty earthbound. I played with my dinky toys like other boys and went to Sunday school every week, learning the Lord's Prayer and the Lord is My Shepherd and I sometimes even performed skits of Jesus in a Manger and sang hymns with the adults and Christmas Carols like Silent Night. I remember seeing how bored and solemn everyone looked in the congregation as the Minister preached his sermon and thinking to myself, "Is this really God's place?" and "Does this guy with the white collar really think that people are listening?" I soon realized that going to Church was just another tradition passed down from generation to generation without anyone questioning its value. There was no actual teaching of how to connect directly with God; just listening to the minister's own version of God.

In my teens I had a natural gift of writing and composing songs and would spend hours in front of the piano singing and belting out tunes. Poetry and lyrics are things that came naturally to me. I also seemed to possess the ability to travel into the future because at age 16 years I wrote a song entitled, "The Old Grey Schoolbook," a nostalgic account of me at a much older age discovering an old schoolbook in the attic and seeing the names of old schoolmates signed on the inside back cover (In those days the textbooks were passed from student to student). Sports was another talent that I had since I was blessed with an…

Peter Kelly

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