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Born: Sydney Australia. December 5th, 1963.

* Masters diploma in Life Coaching
*Published author
*Certified Reflexologist
*Certified Naturopathic Reiki Therapist
*Respected member of the IARP & IICT (International Associations for Professional Therapists).

My clients achieve emotional & physical stability & wellbeing, through holistic methodologies of reflexology & reiki, combined with individually tailored step by step guided life-coaching programs.

Practices located at The Teal Center in Ballston, Virginia, USA
and The Wellness Cooperative in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia USA.

Life coaching is offered in person & internationally, via phone (Whatsapp).

l also volunteer my services at Heartland Hospice Care ; am a regular contributor toward self-help workshops at wellness centers; offer free wellness training programs, and free self-help emotional stability programs.

Paul Pettit
Body, Mind & Soul
Ph: +1 (703) 216 5340

Instagram: @paulpettitbms

Awards and Affiliations

Certified Master Life Coach (TALCA)

Certified Reflexologist & Naturopathic Reiki Therapist, and a respected member of the IARP & IICT (International Associations for Professional Therapists).

25 separate Australian PUA accredited certifications in search & rescue / surf rescue Lifesaving.

Causes and Organizations

Heartland Hospice Care

Volunteer with Dementia & Hospice patients.

Surf Lifesaving NSW, Australia
Volunteer for 15 years with Australian Surf Rescue.

*Active patrol member Surf Rescue / Jet-boat search & rescue

*Patrol captain

*Club training officer

*Retrieval diver for jet-boat surf rescue

*Radio operator

*Trainer CPR / Club volunteers



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