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Patrick Van der Burght

EMF Radiation assessment, mitigation and practitioner training.

Patrick van der Burght has come to home health and the GEOVITAL Academy through personal brushes with serious health issues in his family. Conventional medicine had its limitations and his family was forced to investigate natural and complementary approached to health. This eventually led to a fact finding mission in many parts of the world that eventually led to GEOVITAL Academy in Austria.

Witness a typical bedroom situation and 'electric field exposure'

Patrick is now the director of GEOVITAL Academy North America, Australia, New Zealand, and guides the development of new areas outside Europe and new consultants and affiliates. He is a Geobiology course director for GEOVITAL Akademie and teaches doctors, therapists, building professionals and other people how to assess homes for radiation and incorporate the GEOVITAL approach in the homes of their clients. Patrick assists new GEOVITAL offices globally by providing consultant training and setting up new schools.

Patrick has a background in people orientated businesses, is a pilot and flew commercially, studied various complementary health approaches including naturopathy, nutrition, electroacupuncture and pulsed magnetic field therapy.

He has been involved in the assessment and successful updating of many homes, assisting builders and architects in building healthier ‘radiation-free’ homes, is a speaker on the subject of radiation protection and author for various well respected magazines. His greatest enjoyment comes when clients take advice, implement changes, the body starts to strengthen and recover, and the thank-you letters start coming in.

His motto: ‘There is no need to be paranoid about radiation, but people should take it very serious where it matters most… the bedroom and home’

Watch a presentation held at the Nutritional Therapy Association

Awards and Affiliations

Cert Geobiologist, CPL


Patrick Van der Burght

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