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When stress hijacks your life, leaving you anxious, confused, stuck or overwhelmed, I help you regain control. I help you simplify and demystify stress.

It’s the belief that we’re powerless to control the stress in our lives that prevents us connecting to the solution super store in our brains.

Just like a computer virus, fear and anxiety scrambles your data, loses files, slows your operating speeds, and hides the programs that can set you free.

For the past seventeen years, I have been enriching the lives of people who are stressed, struggling or in personal or professional transition, as a mentor, coach, and writer. My skill set draws on many inter-related methodologies, creating unique insights and powerful strategies that achieve results.

I am a blogger for the Huffington Post Africa’s Women Entrepreneurs and SheInspiresHer. I am the author of Unlock Your Emotion Code, Stress Free You! and contributing author to Coaching Gurus, Radiant Survivor, Women Creating Wealth and Modern-Day Miracles, by Louise L. Hay. 

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