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Pam Bohlken is an energy healer and author.  She also goes by Energy Shifter, Vibration Lifter. Pam is a Reiki Master and has trained in several Energy Healing modalities.  She is certified through Vibrational Sound Association as a Vibrational Sound Therapy Practitioner.  Using Reiki or Vibrational Sound Therapy she helps her clients to release stress, to help their bodies relax to a point where they have the ability to heal themselves.  Pam Bohlken is also certified in the Marisa Peer method of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) using hypnosis to help her clients discover deep seeded beliefs that are currently causing emotional or health issues.  Pam is able to provide virtual and in person sessions for each of these modalities. The benefits are the same either way. She also has a free private Facebook Group where she shares many energy healing tips via video and text. To follow Pam request to join  Healing in Progress Group  and her public Healing in Progress Page . Pam regularly performs Sound Meditations, using her beautiful Himalayan Singing Bowls to bring the soothing rhythmic tones into group sessions. She is a co-author of the book The Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing Volume 2. This book features 25 authors sharing their personal stories along with self-care tips on how to promote self-healing.

Pam started her own healing journey several years ago. As a child she had Tuberculous, then as an adult she has had cancer twice. The first time was colon cancer where she had surgery and it was over, however the second time was more serious. She had Multiple Myeloma which is incurable according to the doctors. She went through surgery, radiation, chemo and a stem cell transplant. While the traditional treatments were happening, Pam was also administering and receiving Energy Healing and providing her body with a more nutritional diet. When the treatments were done, the doctors were very surprised at her outcome and the speed of her recovery. They could not find any trace of Multiple Myeloma in her body. This was very rare, but Pam knew that adding Energy Healing and nutritional foods were the key to her healing. She understands the struggles and strain of being diagnosed with something most people don’t survive. She is here to help you see there is hope, there are things you can do for yourself to give you empowerment, strength and courage.

As a WU Best Help featured member, I offer reduced rates on my services of 10% if you mention you found me on Wellness Universe.

Pam is the co-Author of 4 books. The Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing – Vol 2, Find Your Voice, Save Your Life and CoffeeTalk with Douglas, Stories of courage, connections, and celebration during the worldwide pandemic and Holistic Mental Health, Calm, Clear, and in Control for the Rest of Your Life. Pam also has created a set of Positive Mindset cards for pre-teen/teens and a set for the littles (ages 3 and up). These cards were created by Pam and three of her grandchildren to help with creating positive self-talk from a young age.

Pam lives in Wisconsin with her husband, her blended family is 5 adult children, 13 grandchildren and 1 great-granddaughter. She is an amateur herbalist, she loves gardening and sewing.  To contact Pam, go to



I received a gift certificate for Reiki with Pam for Christmas. I was not disappointed as it was a wonderful experience. Pam is very professional with a very pleasant setting that promotes healing. While I did not feel the need for any specific work at the time, Pam opened up several of my chakras. I felt very refreshed and ready to begin the year after my treatment with Pam. I highly recommend her work


Lynn P Prescott WI


Vibrational Sound Therapy

I’ve had three Vibrational Sound Therapy sessions with Pam thus far and have really enjoyed each one. During each session, I become so relaxed so much so that I’ve found myself drifting off to sleep at times! I’m extremely relaxed and feel less stress after each appointment, which is exactly the results I had hoped for. Pam is very friendly, personable and professional. She’s thorough in answering any questions or concerns that I’ve had for this type of therapy and has also provided details for other offerings she’s now providing that I’m interested in.  I’ll definitely be making more appointments for sound therapy with Pam in the future!!

RanaeRoberts WI


Pam, I can’t thank you enough!  Since our RTT Session I feel so much better!  I have so much more energy, sleep better and I’m the only one in my family that didn’t get sick this winder! My immune system is on fire! And, I am actually looking forward to getting lab work now! 


Jodie – South Carolina 


Certifications and Credentials

Reiki Master, Certified through Vibrational Sound Association as a Vibrational Sound Therapy Practitioner, Certified through Maris Peers (RTT) Rapid Transformational Therapy and is a Licensed RTT Practitioner

Pam Bohlken

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