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Ophelia Uke

With Confidence Ones Esteem Cannot Be Broken & With A High Esteem One Can Empower A Nation

For as long as I could remember helping others was always something that I took pride in doing because I was able to help them to see the value within themselves. I developed a strong passion for empowering teens and women to not only know, but to also believe that “They are ENOUGH”. I love helping the often underserved population in the attainment of liberation from the hurts of their past. Seeing them build their Confidence, discover their Voices and them being able to see how much Strength they truly Possess makes me feel as though I'm going through my own Rebirth again. I believe these key ingredients for meaningful and successful lives can only be achieved by bringing about the realization that the Perception of others Does not Validate them. It’s only their Perception of themselves which truly matters. 


My vision was based on wanting to Empower, Motivate & helping others to tear down the Shackles of Insecurities they were faced with, which mimicked my past. This was a dream that I was extremely passionate about. I wanted others to experience their own personal healing from the very hurts I myself was made to endure, which stemmed from childhood and unfortunately, accompanied me into adulthood whereby affecting me from being able to embrace motherhood as I should have. 


Now, I breathe life into the heart, mind, body, and soul of others, as I live to see the hurting healed, the discouraged uplifted, and the broken encouraged, motivated, empowered, and inspired to do the most amazing things. I am an interactive presenter who will educate your audience, inspire change, provide obtainable solutions, and start everyone on a path of new beginnings with an optimistic mindset.



Ophelia Uke

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