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Nofirstname Aurora

Interdimensional Artwork and Flying Rainbow Lasagnes

My name is Aurora, I am a visionary artist and Galactic walk-in; I came into this human form and into the physical realm in 2001, via an interdimensional portal shape I created and named the Flying Rainbow Lasagne.

Since that experience, it has been my mission to share the visual concept of the Flying Rainbow Lasagne through paintings, sculptures, animation, workshops, and recorded videos.

None of my artwork is computer generated, although it might resemble some images created by fractal programs, and I like to say that I use only my "organic computer" or my brain to generate these images. I depict the visualized language of color, line, shape, form, movement, texture and tone that is an interdimensional language of vibration.

Since 2013, I have been teaching about this language of vibration in a series of recorded videos called "Lessons for Full Spectrum Humans." Presented on interactive whiteboard and utilizing my artwork as diagrams to illustrate concepts of multidimensional perception, the Lessons explore topics such as energetic anatomy, the shape of time, and how to transform one's nonphysical energy field into the Flying Rainbow Lasagne shape.

Nofirstname Aurora

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