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    Noah Kowaloff posted an update
    I woke up not feeling well. The message was clear. I was to do nothing and rest, just be. I took a hot bath and spent a couple of hours lying on my bed in a deep meditative trance. I was taken on a journey to so many places, astral projecting and expanding the entire time. I connected with universal abundance, creating a love circuit between me and all beings across all dimensions, timelines, lifetimes, and universes - me sending love to all beings that ever have and ever will exist and receiving love back from them. I found myself in a place I can only describe as universal abundance. I felt it run through my veins, into my DNA, into my energy body, ancestry and past lives. It became my foundation. Universal abundance is my foundation of being. Throughout the entire experience, I repeated a mantra that came to me. That mantra is Surrender, Allow, Receive. Oh and don't worry if you haven't or don't get to have this experience, it was clear that this was for all beings - not just me. Love and Blessings Noah IMG_1950

Noah Kowaloff

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