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Nikki Zalewski

High Resonance Healing Images For Healing Practitioners around the World

My work is simple, I create images for use by healing practitioners of all modalities around the world. My work is available via  the major royalty free stock image libraries online, or for anyone wanting bespoke images, please contact me directly (portfolio available here ) via linkedin ( ).

Since 1980 I've had a career in marketing, copywriting, graphic design, print and website design. It was only in 2014 that I decided to focus purely on image work, which turned out to be the best career move to date - just wish it had been years earlier!
Between 2003 and 2011 I completed various courses that inevitably helped gently guide me towards healing image work (listed below), and I seek out courses ongoing to ensure I stay 'topped up' in the world of human and spiritual wellness...

Advanced Stress Consultancy (Diploma)
Holistic Diagnosis Skills (Diploma)
Advanced Colour Therapy (Diploma)
Herbalism (Diploma)
Weight Consultancy (Diploma)
Nutrition Therapy (Diploma)
Spinal Touch Therapy (Diploma)
Swedish Massage (Diploma)
Indian Head Massage (Diploma)
Anatomy & Physiology (Diploma)
Reflexology (Diploma)
Sports Massage Therapy (Diploma)
Quantum Touch (Certificate)
NFSH Healer Training (Stage 1, 2 & 3)
Reiki Healing (1, 2, Master & Teacher)
Dorn Method (Certificate)
Basic Counselling Skills (Certificate)

I hope I can help you with your images one day....
Below is a list of the areas I cover, in no particular order:

Spiritual Healing
Crystal Healing Therapy
Faith Healing
Colour Healing Therapy
Energy Healing
Reflexology / Foot Massage
Zone Therapy
Sound Therapy
Body Massage
Holistic Healthcare
Gratitude Attitude
Ask Believe Receive
Mindfulness and Meditation
Dowsing / Radionics
Astral Travel / OOB
Angels and Angel Therapy
Law of Attraction, Abundance
Love, Soul Mates and Marriage
Orbs, Supernatural Energy
Worldwide Religions
Yin Yang
Sacred Geometry, Flower of Life
Nutrition, Food and Diet
Nature, Gaia, Mother Earth
Charity, Volunteering and Fundraising
World Peace
Astrology, Palmistry, Fortune Telling
Soul Midwifery, Death and Dying
Environment and Ecology topics
Blue Skies, Rainbows
Flowers, Woodland
Colourful healing backgrounds

Nikki Zalewski

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