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Nikki Taylor

Revenge Body Transformations

Hi I am Nikki Taylor and I am passionate about helping women be the best versions of themselves. My journey to becoming my best self was a road well travelled. Like many women I suffered from a severe eating disorder which took over nearly 20 years of my life, which resulted in relationships that were not right for me.

I decided to take back control of my life and now am living the life of my dreams in the South of Italy. My vision is to coach and guide women to take back control of their destinies through learning how to love their bodies and also become the best version of themselves that they could possibly be!

I created "Revenge Body Transformations" as a way to empower women to become their best self, not only physically but also mentally and shun away body shamers, bad relationships and anything that stops them from being who they were designed to be!

I also teach women how to create an income on social media in order to provide options and choices for their futures.

I love being part of the WU network and looking forward to connecting with you all!

Nikki xx

Nikki Taylor

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