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My name is Nick Lanciano.  Film and video have been my passion since the age of 10 years old. Over the years I have produced several type of films and videos like music videos, TV commercials, Independent films, videos for websites, social media and non profits just to name a few.

As much as I love what I do I was starting to feel like I could do more good with my skills.  Three years ago I had a very spiritual event happen to me. After this event, I felt as if I was put on a very spiritual path. The more I was open to it the more I started to notice things about myself. I had the ability to speak to the other side. I have had it all my life but I just did not know what it was. So I thought a great way to get more out of my passion, was to combine my spirituality with my passion of filmmaking so I started Spiritual Universe Production Company.

 I produce videos for other holistic and spiritual professional to be used as promotion tools for the services they offer, all at very discounted rates.  If you’re a psychic, teacher, healer, massage therapist, life coach, holistic professional, astrologer, reiki master or a spiritual practitioner of any kind who is looking to share your offerings with thousands of potential clients, you're in the right place. Your business can be increased multi-fold with “My Story Videos,” a promotional video where you get up to 4 minutes to tell your story as a Lightworker. By posting your video on Facebook, on the landing page of your website and on YouTube, you can let people know who you are on a personal level so they can be drawn into your energy.

If you are interested in making this investment in yourself and your services please contact me via e-mail at to discuss your specific needs and desires.

Nick Lanciano

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