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“Through the use of energy healing practices and life coaching, we inspire and empower you to live your best life.”

I am a designer and coach and have been an educator for three decades, specifically teaching and training other teachers. As co-founder of Rainwater Designs with Jenny Rainwater, I have shifted my focus, during the last 12 years, from University life to using my intuitive skills and empathic understanding when coaching individuals to experience more joy and well-being in their lives. I teach the use of gemstones and color, in addition to the practices of Feng Shui, Tarot, Angel Cards, Aromatherapy, and Astrology, in classes and consultations.

I have created over 500 exclusive designs, handmade and custom pieces of jewelry and energy charms, each one with the intention of bringing joy and abundance to the person. To see some of my one-of-a-kind pieces or to sign up for an individual session, go to:

Rainwater Designs began with the desire to create wholeness through my love of crystals, minerals, and stones. I synthesize study and practice in the metaphysical and healing arts to create pieces supporting your growth, healing, and progress.

If you've ever been inexplicably and strongly drawn to a place or a certain color or a particular object or a person so outside of your norm, you know that connection outside of yourself is possible. There is inherent meaning when you are drawn to something. You might say, "Well, I just like it!" But, the question is, why? Does it meet a need of some kind? Or is it of a similar vibration to yours?

Gemstones and rocks have purpose, strengths, and specific energy. When you are drawn to one type in particular, there is a specific reason. Conversely, when you identify a need in your life or body, seeking a gemstone "companion" may help you through. Humans have done this for thousands of years. The more attune to the natural world - - the more true this is for you.

Keep these things in mind as you shop for Rainwater Designs jewelry, products, and services.  Browse through the pages of our website, feel what you are drawn to, read the words I've written about the stones, and draw your own conclusions.

To "create with intent" means to go beyond simply making a product that is pretty or useful. It means that specific thought and energy have been applied in its creation. The many elements, seen and unseen, have been considered and chosen specifically. Some of the elements on the visual plane could be color, size, and shape, while some of the unseen elements might be the chemical makeup of the gemstone, its healing properties, its vibration or energy, and the combination of stones in general.

I chose "creating with intent" as the tagline and website address because it has great meaning for me. Each and every item that I hand make is created with the specific intent of wholeness and abundance for the wearer. The same is true for each person I coach, as well. I hope that you will feel the powerful energy of that intent as you use and wear my products and allow me to guide you through the storms of life.

To a great extent, I have built my business on my personal love of gemstones and color and on customer requests for custom items to address specific issues. This has been such a joy. I hope to include you in that circle.
Whatever type of service or product you desire or need you have, let's grow together! Interact with me and stay in touch!
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Our goal today and every day here is to Soothe with … A little ray of Joy where there is sadness or darkness, Relief when there is pain or hurt, Love when there is anger or fear, Belief in yourself when you doubt, Peace where there is none, And a sense of the possibility of Hope in all things, always.
May you feel these things each day, in this place.
May you be Well.
May you exude Joy.
May you know Love.
May you feel Peace.
Blessings of Love and Light,
Nancy Rainwater, PhD

Nancy Rainwater

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