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Nancy Hallingse

Compassionate Touch through Massage Therapy for Those Living with a Cancer Diagnosis

I cannot reember a time when I have not been interested in some form of health and healing.  Many years ago, I thought I wanted to be a doctor but, after being in premed for a couple years, I quickly learned that that was not the route for me.

Eventually my path brought me to massage therapy, which opened doors to many ways of healing.  I learned that I loved nutrition and became a certified health coach.  I love eastern teachings, studied Jin Shin DoR Bodymind AcupressureTM and became a registered practitioner. 

Then, just by following that little voice, I found what I believe to be my true calling.  I decided to take a 6-day intensive course in Oncology Massage.  Like most people today, cancer has touched my life and I wanted to find some way to help others.  I fell in love!  I fell in loive with the work, my fellow therapists who were on this journey with me, and the people I touched.  I wanted to go out and touch the world, so to speak.

Along the way, I found that even though this work is so desperately needed, many cannot afford to receive it because the cost of medical treatment is so expensive.  That's when I decided to start Hands 4 Hope Project, Inc.  It is a 501(c)(3) that raises funds so that we can give this needed work to those who cannot afford it.   We are still in our infancy but I know this will be a huge gift to our community!


Nancy Hallingse

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