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Monica Aparicio

Evolve Your Purpose, Passion and Prosperity

Spiritual Teacher, Shamanic Healer and Global Mentor, Monica Maria guides leaders and visionaries to heal at a profound soul level, reclaim their power and evolve their purpose, passion and prosperity. She is also the Founder of the Earth Wisdom School of The Healing Arts, an Advanced Practitioner Certification and Coaching Program.

Monica Maria has coached alumni of The Institute of Integrative Nutrition with their health coaching businesses as well as clients around the world. Her business events for wellness and spiritual entrepreneurs have been featured inside The New York Times Building, The Wix Lounge, District Co-Work, Primary, The Gaansvoort Hotel and in schools of the Department of Education of New York.

Monica Maria has over  12 years of experience with ancestral plant medicine and 28 years of experience in the personal growth + development field. She is a Certified Master Reiki Healer, BioDynamic Breathwork Practitioner, Holistic Health Coach and Infinite Soul Records' Reader and holds a Master of Science in Education and Psychology. 

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American Association of Drugless Practitioners

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Heifer International

Monica Aparicio

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