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Anxiety Management, Depression, Empowerment, Inner Peace, Self-Esteem, Self-Love, Conscious Business, Mastermind


I’m Mitchell Cohn, DO, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine – who is not here to practice medicine. My ‘career’ was thrust upon me by familial pressures and expectations which ground my self-esteem into the dirt. Having succeeded in fulfilling those expectations while sacrificing my individuality and dreams for the future, I landed, the single father of four, in a life of blackest depression, suicidal ideation, emotional instability, disability, and poverty. But, like a phoenix, though I thought to die, I have risen from the ashes with renewed strength and a mission.


“Your past is not your future.”



With an holistic approach to life and business, I serve those who are ‘stuck’ in a job, occupation, or even professional career which they did not choose and which, in most cases, steals personal strength, enjoyment of life, and takes a person to the darkest places in their soul.

As a survivor of familial and cultural pressures which demanded I follow a prescribed path that left me with no self-esteem, an inability to say, “No,” a life of disability, poverty, pervasive darkness, and the inability to even trust my own judgment, I share my story and its lessons; and how, like the Phoenix you, too, can rise from the ashes, to find renewed purpose, work that strengthens and fulfills you, self-love, and joy in living.



Through sharing my experiences, providing understanding, permission for growth, and practical tools, you will develop a strategic plan and step-wise approach to re-blooming. I do my best to help you understand where you have come from, know how you ended up where you are, and implement ways to re-establish your self-love, self-worth, self-confidence and an inner peace you may only have known as a small child.  We seek to mend your inner life, regain self-esteem, learn to trust yourself, and determine and forge a path of your own choosing.

We were put here on this Earth to learn and to experience joy. When we have given in to the pressures, desires, and guilt others have heaped upon us, when we live a life that conflicts with our personal values, dreams and hopes, when we live with guilt, the result is anxiety, depression, and misery. Empowerment, emotional maturation, mental strength, and spiritual growth are the expected and natural outcomes of the process we will undertake, together.

LionHeart Revolution is a course of transformation from what was to what will be; an opportunity to grow. First, we will undergo online group learning and sessions where you will be given the guidance, opportunity and tools to begin the journey. You will be invited to join our community where you can give and receive, in a non-judgmental atmosphere, the support, love, and interactive guidance we all crave and need.

Other opportunities, such as masterminds, will follow during which groups of individuals bring specific concerns, thoughts, questions, and needs to the table. Together, with the collective wisdom of those who share commonalities or similar histories and feelings, we will work through those challenges, share solutions, and begin living new adventures of positive growth, meaningful work, new or old callings.

Mitchell Cohn

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