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    “Money, Manifesting and Magic” a Masterclass and Energy Block Clearing Session
    Friday June 4, 2pm EDT
    Are you struggling with money?
    Getting it?
    Keeping it?
    Selling your services, programs or products?
    Are you ready to relate to money differently?
    Are you ready to receive it with ease?
    The energies of money have changed since the days of the gold standard, schlepping around a purse-full of coins. Have you noticed? It’s all about 1s and 0s and energy transmission through the cloud. It’s time to level up and catch up to the new lightness of money .
    If so, join me, Miche Meizner and
    Melina Bliss for a transformational experience.
    We will clear your outdated beliefs, patterns and assumptions around money.
    Even if you are familiar with “creating your own reality”, “manifesting abundance” and using “law of attraction” I’m pretty sure there’s more to uncover and let go of.Honestly, how hard do you still make it?
    What stories do you tell yourself that still have threads of struggle running through them?
    It can be so subtle you don’t even realize you are holding onto how it has to be hard.
    This 90 minute class is for you if you want to be done with that!
    We will pull those old beliefs and energies and weave a new story of money as a virtual energy, light as air and filled with ease and possibilities right into your DNA.
    You will learn about the new energy of money as an air element and
    with live energy work processes you will change your story and change your DNA in relation to money and abundance.
    Here’s to dropping the heaviness of old money and dancing with New Money as Light as Air!
    Today is the last day to register at the early bird price of $22. Tomorrow the price goes up to $49.
    Comment or DM me for more information. Change your Money DNA

    “Money, Manifesting and Magic” a Masterclass and Energy Block Clearing Session Friday Ju