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I am Michelle Margaret Marques

I am The World Leading Sexual Abuse Coach and the Author of This Woman. I work with high functioning women who have also been sexually abused during childhood. The work that I do helps women heal and create a life without limits.

A life where they don't just break the ceiling, they reach far beyond it!

Working with me is not for the faint-hearted. I choose whom I work with very carefully. I believe in fearless coaching, I will dig deep and I will ask and tell you things others will not. You can share anything with me, no matter how painful or graphic. Above all else, I am your safe space. I use transformational voice, it has had far-reaching results. You will push yourself beyond boundaries.
Whom You Become In The Process Can Never Be Taken Away!

I am also the founder of Elise Marques London the Premium British natural skincare and lifestyle brand that puts you first and makes You Matter.​

​Our products are botanical, free from chemicals, Parabens, SLS, MI, MCI, Mineral Oils, Microbeads, ethically sourced and of course Never tested on animals. We blend efficacy, desirability, transparency and social conscience, which resonate highly with today's ethically minded consumer. We use botanically sourced ingredients derived from nature mainly plants, flowers and herbs and avoid as many nasties as possible.


Awards and Affiliations

2018 Platinum Award Best Natural Night Oil

Michelle Margaret Marques

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