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Michelle J. Howe

Founder of Empath Evolution - Embrace Your Greatest Gift

My name is Michelle J. Howe.  I am an ENERGY HEALER, an EVOLUTIONARY GUIDE and an AWAKENING SPEAKER.  I work with individuals and groups to share, listen and facilitate healing on all levels.  I am passionate about speaking to our innate capacity to be happy in the world by going deeper for personal connection, emotional empowerment, confidence and wellness.  My approach is simple - heart to heart connection.  I meet each individual where they are - teaching and guiding what can be embraced to help them move forward.  Life as a school where - you, me and we - are here to experience, contribute and advance in some way.  If you are struggling, please know that it's YOUR TIME to step into greater potentials and embody new success!

I work with those individuals and teams within organizations who are challenged by their life in some way - who secretly deal with addiction, destructive chatter, confusion, guilt, etch...  I speak to those who are ready to embrace truths coming from love of self and heart healing.  My private clients and workshop participants are open minded, sensitive and ready to look outside traditional thought to brighten their lives at home, at work and in relationships! 

My mission is to teach beyond words about empowerment - with a focus on emotions, the energy body and inner connection  for powerful healing and transformation on all energetic levels. 

Regardless of what others believe or we see, REAL WEALTH comes from depth, wisdom and inner connection to Self. ​​

The time of fear, stubbornness, rules, limiting beliefs and being a martyr are done.  Your thoughts mixed with collective thoughts and family patterns create an unconscious reality that disempowers.  It's time to start paying attention and learn about energy dynamics - to stop becoming entangled in the weeds around you - to take back your power.

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Awards and Affiliations

Certifications: Master Reiki Healer; Integrated Energy Therapist; Metatronic Healing Practitioner; Soul Detective Therapist - Healing From Past Life Trauma; Orin & DaBen Light Body Graduate; Spiritual Care Volunteer and more...

Memberships:  American Holistic Health Association; The Wellness Universe; Women Speakers Association; Global Speakers Federation, Alignable and more.

Causes and Organizations

Awakening and Vibrational Healing
Personal Transformation
Soul Consciousness

Michelle J. Howe

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