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Michelle Caruso

Be You. Be Brilliant. Make a Difference.

Michelle Caruso is an Empowerment Coach, Reiki Master, Shaman, Kabbalist and initiate with the Modern Mystery School. She uses her experience and expertise to support others in getting the most out of life, relationships and business.  


I'm thrilled that our paths have crossed. Since you're here, that tells me that you are seeking something greater, and I just love Seekers! By creating positive change in your life, you are setting in motion positive change to the lives and world around you. That is nothing short of spectacular in my book. 

After many well-spent years focused my personal and spiritual growth, and enjoying the rewards and benefits of such, I was eager to step into service and help others along their journey of transformation. 

It began with becoming an attuned Reiki practitioner and eventually a Reiki Master. I love energy work and find it quite natural to relate to people, places, and situations energetically. Over time, I noticed that people who also included a cognitive approach in their self-care, experienced more rapid results from the energy work. This was one of those 'Duh' moments for me, since that had been my own approach. But it's always easier to see things in others. This observatioin led me to expand my service to coaching and spiritual mentoring.

I practice daily meditation and energy work. This gives me the confidence to say that I practice what I teach. I believe that in accepting the privilege of walking with you on your personal path of brilliance, it is my responsibility to both of us to make sure that I am at my personal best. 





Michelle Caruso

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