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Michael Wolff

I cannot change others, but I can change myself. When I change, the world changes.

Quantum Shift Facilitator Trainer, Social Entrepreneur, Author

Humanity is currently facing existential threats from climate change and possibly World War lll. These are problems that we have created for ourselves at our current level of consciousness. We cannot resolve these within the same consciousness in which they have been created.

My primary purpose is in help trigger the QUANTUM SHIFT in both individual and collective consciousness by 2022.

Through over 35 years of martial arts training (Aikido), I discovered that there are two primary dimensions of being – disconnected and connected. From this I learned that to experience happiness, health, love and abundance in life we need to understand how to flow harmoniously between these two polarities in the same rhythm that night follows day. When we are stuck in only one dimension, we inevitably get out of balance. Our current imbalance could prove to be fatal.

I further discovered that most of us are now chronically stuck in only one dimension. Although we are all born connected, very early in life be become energetically disconnected. Because most of us are disconnected, being disconnected is considered as normal. When we are disconnected, our energy is blocked by our holding onto earlier Core Wounding. This amplifies our collective Core Wound of sexual shame. Our life path is determined by our Core Wound. We become a prisoner of our Wound. These blocks can lead ultimately to dysfunctional patterns of behaviour and ill-health, both individual and collectively.

Recognizing that the world is becoming increasingly unbalanced and polarized in many key areas of life, and that these imbalances arise mostly from our being stuck in a single dimension (disconnection), I am committed to teaching practical solutions for restoring harmony and equilibrium.

As a social entrepreneur I am developing a train-the-facilitator collaborative enterprise for energy practitioners to help trigger a quantum shift in individual and collective consciousness. In other words, a shift from Fear to Love.  I see this enterprise as the "Google" of the emergent Age of Consciousness.

Michael Wolff

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