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  • Every Life is a Story: Writing Your Life With Intent While You Have More Time

    Meshea discusses how, while there is much we do not control right now, we do have more control of our own time than usual. This gives us the opportunity to live with intent–to write chapters of our lives that maybe we didn’t have time to…[Read more]

  • This is a song I wrote to be the theme song for this page actually–the website–all things that I do online now! I have been sitting on it, mostly. A few people have heard it. And I have used a bit of it in a promo, but this is the entire song. Just me–as usual, being “just me”–and my guitar. This is really how I…[Read more]

  • Link to Interview I did today on Every Life is a Story:
    Rocky Krogfoss: Quantum Emotional Healing Specialist

    If you have tried everything for your migraines or chronic pain, maybe this is the story you have been waiting for.
    This is just some of what you can expect:

    THE SCIENCE OF…[Read more]

  • Whether it is as grand as “your dream vacation”–an African safari– or as simple as “your own back yard”–your home town tourist attractions–every life should and can include travel. No, it will not be exactly the same, but with some planning, it is absolutely doable.
    I know, people will talk.
    ‚ÄčLet them talk! They are going to talk a…[Read more]

  • I am in the process of transitioning from focusing on “minimizing Fibromyalgia/MAXIMIZING LIFE” to broadening my horizons, incorporating my music, humor, and my “sunshine” personality, leading destational retreats and encouraging others who feel limited, for whatever reason. “As long as you’re breathing, keep living!” I believe EVERY LIFE IS A…[Read more]

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