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Meshea Crysup

"As long as you're breathing, keep living!"~Meshea

Meshea lives in Port Angeles, WA.
She grew up playing guitar, singing, writing songs, and dancing. She was a recording artist in Nashville at the age of 14.

​She became a geriatric certified RN. Her adult professional background is in home health and long term care, nursing administration, staff development/adult continuing education, long-term care consulting, seminars, and workshops.

​She enjoys spending time with family and friends, playing music and singing or attending live performances, and travel, including historical, scenic, and educational.

​In spite of having Fibromyalgia, she is usually the "life of the party". When people tell her she does not "look or act sick" she always says, "Thank you! I work very hard at that!"

She is in the process of transitioning from focusing on "minimizing Fibromyalgia/MAXIMIZING LIFE" to broadening her horizons, incorporating her music, humor, and her "sunshine" personality, leading destational retreats and encouraging others who feel limited, for whatever reason. "As long as you're breathing, keep living!" Meshea believes EVERY LIFE IS A STORY--worth being told and heard! As long as you're breathing you're not out of ink! Meshea believes EVERY LIFE TRAVELS, figuratively and literally! Meshea wants to be sure that EVERY LIFE LIVES! As long as you're breathing, KEEP LIVING!

Causes and Organizations

Meshea is on the Advisory Board of International Support Fibromyalgia Network

Certifications and Credentials

My background is a Geriatric Certified RN, Long Term Care Consultant however, LIVING MY LIFE is my truly VALUABLE experience. My LIFE, MY STORY--Your LIFE, Your STORY. EVERY LIFE IS A STORY.
Each life begins as a book of blank pages. ​We choose the content of those pages--we each write…

Meshea Crysup

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