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Meshea Crysup

Helping others LIVE their fibroLIFE to the fullest.

Having lived with Fibromyalgia all her life, but not being diagnosed until in her thirties, Meshea Crysup has a lifetime of personal experience in dealing with this misunderstood, often misdiagnosed, disorder. With an educational and employment background in healthcare, staff development, and consulting, she has years of professional experience to draw from to share the knowledge she has accumulated, the writings and tools she has created, and her passion for helping others with Fibromyalgia.

As Founder of fibroLIFE©, Meshea's goal has always been to help others LIVE their fibroLIFE© to the fullest, in spite of having Fibromyalgia (FMS). fibroLIFE© was very active a few years back, but because of LIVING with Fibromyalgia, Meshea could not maintain that level of activity on her own, after her “non-fibro” co-director had to return to her paying career.

Since that time, the fibroLIFE© facebook page has been continued by former fibroLIFE© members. Meshea has gone on to form LIVING a fibroLIFE© which consists of her blog, its own facebook page, and many future projects in the planning stages.

Meshea currently lives in Vicksburg, MS, with her husband and their furry daughter, Cally.


Meshea Crysup

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