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Merna Torres

Integration of nature and science for a healthier balanced life.

Dedicated Research Scientist (over 20 years) and Holistic Nutritionist (MSc in CAM & Grad. Certification in Holistic Nutr.). My passion and mission are to help individuals live healthier lives through integrative and holistic medicine. My primary focus are weight management, Pre-diabetes, Diabetes, PCOS,  I also help the integration of wellness solutions in community and practitioners offices.  My aim is to provide my clients with a broader understanding of health and wellness and a more lasting sense of well-being. Instead of the traditional disease-centered focus of conventional medicine, I provide my clients with an approach that addresses the whole person rather than simply his or her symptoms. I combine the discipline of modern science with the wisdom of ancient healing. I strive to practice the "Principals of Natural Healing".

Merna Torres

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