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Melissa Schwartz

Raising Successful Children by Parenting from the Inside Out

University Massachusetts graduate, Melissa Schwartz, brings 15 years of experience with children, from infancy through teenagers, into her work as a Certified Leading Edge Parenting Coach. She has earned a reputation as someone who truly understands how to be with children; recognizing the unmet needs causing misbehavior, inspiring cooperation and positive behavior without guilt, threats, shame or punishment.
Melissa was born an intense, sensitive, power seeking soul. Her passion for giving a ‘voice’ to the legitimate needs of children naturally evolved into becoming the co-creator of Leading Edge Parenting’s programs and collaborator of Authentic Parenting Power.
Her greatest joy is offering parents of Highly Sensitive Children the wisdom to handle daily challenges in an emotionally healthy way.

Melissa is an author and speaker supporting parents with Highly Sensitive Children. Connect with her on Facebook at Melissa Schwartz, Highly Sensitive Children and Leading Edge Parenting.

Melissa Schwartz

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