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Melanie McDaniel

Holistic Health and Conscious Lifestyle Coach "Live Life Consciously"

Coming from a challenging childhood, Melanie McDaniel seeks to help others. As a pre-med student she realized the answers she looked for weren’t found in Western medicine. Melanie's dedication to healing from her own post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), led her to her specialty in helping people process and heal from any sort of trauma.  Along the way, Melanie learned about natural healing, plant-based nutrition, plant medicine, and emotional release. Seeing its profound impact on her own and her clients lives, she now uses homeopathics, intuitive healing, emotional release technique, and other healing modalities to help her clients break through their emotional blockages and begin to live life Consciously.

The culmination of her own healing and helping people along their journeys, led Melanie to found, where she and her partner, Harry Sherwood, guide people to transformation in mind, body, and spirit through their Conscious Lifestyle Program.

"The five modalities that we teach and utilize are Meditation, Plant-Based Nutrition, Emotional Release, Lifestyle Coaching, and Natural Remedies.  Our mission is to help people live a conscious lifestyle by recognizing that health in mind, body, and spirit is a choice, and individuals must make that decision for themselves.  We are guides along the journey, but you are the one you have been waiting for."

Conscious Lifestyle Program


Conscious Lifestyle Coaching

Plant-Based Nutrition

Emotional Release & Energy Healing

Natural Remedies

Contributing Author "How To Be Happy"

Melanie McDaniel

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