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Encouraging & supporting perimenopausal/menopausal women(&some men) to achieve sustainable weight loss & wellness with a flexible nutrition plan & weekly coaching for support & accountability. I am a mum of four with a passion for health. Gymjunkie, into meditation, weights, running, walking & exploring & enjoying life.Having been through more than my fair share of bumpy roads & healed my body, mind & spirit of several ailments, it is fantastic to have reached a place of balance & to be able to help others.I have also studied alittle naturopathy & believe we must address body, mind & spirit if we are to be truly peaceful & well.I have a particular interest in mental health, with two close family members affected, as well as having healed from depression myself (I weaned myself off antidepressants after spending 11&a half yrs on them & still having severe depression throughout that time).Writing has forever been another passion & it has been my dream, once off antidepressants & fully well, to share my story & provide helpful tips to others. I have started writing that book:)Last year I brought My Wellness Business to Qld (formerly Wellness Hubs Australia) & was proud to be Hub Leader of the Ipswich Business & wellness hub for 2016 (business education for consciously aware business owners). It also provided an opportunity for collaboration & cross referrals & plenty of soulful sharing & laughter:) 2017 has seen some changes as I've opened up my spiritual gifts after a long time of keeping them quiet. Soo happy & excited to now be a reiki practitioner/intuitive healer, offering beautiful reiki sessions & also

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