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Meghan O'Malley

Live Fierce. Live Truth. Live LOVE.

In addition to being a psychotherapist turned full time holistic life leadership coach, I'm a mom, a wife, an intuitive empath, a long time spiritual seeker and personal growth junkie, AND a hip hop dancer – Think oracle cards, energy psychology, applied neuroscience, quirky humor and intuition rolled together and set to a fabulous Beyoncé soundtrack!

My work (and my joy!) is in supporting clients in coming home to the intuitive wisdom within and the deep truth of who they are so that they can create lives rooted in authenticity, freedom, divine alignment and fiercely heart-centered expansion.

What do I believe?

  • I believe the most important relationship we can cultivate is the one with ourselves.
  • I believe that the most respectful thing we can do in our relationships with others is to show up painfully honest and real. . . even when it’s awkward or scary.
  • I believe that our energy and intention speak far louder than words.
  • I believe the body holds the truth and is a wise guide that points us toward our healing and wholeness.
  • I believe that humor and play heal.
  • I believe that any relationship can spark powerful transformation in life.
  • I believe we are stronger and braver than we realize.
  • I believe in magic. Real magic. EVERYONE'S magic.

Meghan O'Malley

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