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M.D. Martin

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Transformation is an inside job

Having grown up in various cultures and countries, I developed from a young age, a deep curiosity and desire to understand people at their core levels and what motivates them,  which from my experience of living in different regions of the world,  still presented themselves universally.    I followed the typical path for my generation, went to college, fell into a career, but all the while, I felt to the need to engage with people, with life itself, at a more meaningful level.  I followed that passion, that desire with education and advanced certification in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy), Health, Life, and Transformational Mastery level programs.    The journey has been a spiritual one as well.  My work has deepened and brought more meaning and insight to me as well as my clients through mindfulness and meditation practice and keeping my mind, body and spirit connected and engaged through yoga, Qigong and other energy philosophies and practices.   I approach life, my work, my relationships from this integrated approach.   What it has taught me is that I live in a world filled with limitless potential – that there is nothing that I must effort to create, for all that I seek is there.  My challenge, my clients’ challenge, is just to uncover and release the ideas, obstacles and limitations we have put in the way.  It is my purpose and passion to help you connect to a life of inspiration, to help you rediscover your vibrancy and well-being, to thrive and live your life from an empowered, center way of being.

M.D. Martin

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